i have been in japan for a month and a half. the same feelings play out with new visual stimuli, new spatial awareness. i am alive in the only perfection known to us as this very moment.

efficient organisation, social formatization, systemic vibrations… around the (money) traps in tokyo, concrete forms escape into natural light, fade with the hazy polluted greys that brin dusk to the days, neon rays iluminate waterways, night empties the streets, spontaneous entrances stairways, up and down elevation brings me in and out of doorways.. you never know what awaits, feelings a pace, conscious of the ways that the cosmos operates, seems like, hears, turns, faces the music in the place.

staying positive despite everything aroudnd me screaming race, yet my institution is my intuition, fuses this transition, away from the norms guarding human self expression. learn the lessons, share and mention, in mind and body, cosmic progression.


we are controlled by US(,) from space (.) everything is possible

do you read the above sentence forwards or backwards. do you stop some places to consider, question truth, imagine, feel along the way…eye via, j, ar (ahh)


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random conversations

committee of the mind, you been in overdrive, high on all the life, darting around, running rife. but here deep within the essence, the soul flutters sublime, in balance, in presence..


conversation 1; end the racket, reduce the thoughts, there’s always something new, a future vision with a crew. Now focus your gaze, relax your mind, all the things you will find, let it all unwind.

i want to show compassion rather than seek to remedy or rationalise that which lies outside immediate understanding.

conversation 2; there’s lots of energy, ideas and projects to explore, perhaps the excitement speedens and quickens the notion of more. On one hand lies the spring of youth and temptation, the other of measured action and pensive reflecton.. well, what is inside will be made manifest and clear, this timeless free space continuum is what we can hear

money come money go, i would prefer to just go with the flow. life is river, is constantly reinvigorating itself, the secret to moments is that they are just simply felt

conversation 3; been there done that, but who knows?, now outside the limits of my comfort zone the whisper of new connections and places to explore is how i am grown.

magic is everywhere, the universe is limitless, the how of the vortex is infinite, feel sense and synthesize with the elements

conversation 4; the horizon, the places and spaces between you and me. i send you my love, all the positive vibration, illustrative magic in a body sensation. the realities of new and old, near and far, form the base of community, soul expression, journey extension..

follow your dreams, listen to your heart, put your mind to it, its a tool. draw on your strengths, reflect for balance, meditate for inner peace, remember your inner child, love knows no boundaries.


i’ll see you in the somewhere..

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ohm hum..

a journey spontaenous, towards unexpected places

faces, embraces, living a life in warm spaces

in the background cases to relate when sensing the traces


the inner child restles, weeds out the nettle, forgets that inside there is a boiling kettle…..

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Next phase of living

Don’t worry be happy. The world is here, now, present, all around, with all its decorum, rigor and rhythm. Thoughts come like waves, and always, yet they also drain back out to sea. .

Horizons, goals, perspectives, insight.. the intuition will balance.

Make what you can of the now, open and receive what is right in your grasp. Your ideas, concepts, timelines, frames are for and part of creation. Observe, relax, release.

What you cannot see, feel, hear, touch is so distant from knowing. Appreciating rather than theorising, complicating, measuring, comparing, analysing… put this to RINSE

Magic, in and of the essence emanating everywhere. Could be anywhere, air scratch au contraire.

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And no hang up 4 de hang out..

Stop the chatter

Chill on the matter

See how the litter gather

Hangin’ more less scatter

Replete in concrete trappin’

escaping it we just go rappin’

Laughin’ there we be clappin’

mappn’ rappn’ it be happn’n

And sometimes I feel like a Nigerian in the workplace, watching the way neoliberalism represses, fragments, divides, limits, and structures our creativity. In solidarity to all my brothers and sistas across the world in which ever part of bablyon you be feelin’ it, that we share and nurture each other with our both human and spiritual soul and essence.

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feeling grooving n spilling those moves..

evolve the thought. get out there on the court.

spying on my mind I know what i gotta sort..

Looking around, people to be found

Cut the categorising  criticism, and preaching the report

flowing in my stride, high with the pride

reminiscent rapping got me trippin fully happnin

livin’ beatin’ clappin’ – but still it aint gonna happn’.. what?

what I listen is spirit kickin’, deep in my soul it’s so revealin’,

got me jumping off the planets, galactic magic was this ramblin

that’s all i got..

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A 5 year plan

Focus the senses – there is movement evolving things constantly around us, life evolves revolves and involves all of us so when making any plan, our aim is to refine and rediscover what it means to be present in an climate that requires us to be increasingly self-aware and socially conscious of our actions as individuals. The numbers are growing and the speed is forever building, it will be translated into the powerful insurrectionary global community that is being radically redefined outside the archaic divisions of race, religion, location and representation.

Cultivate Love and Respect for the material spiritual and metaphysical body of this universe, with regard to my own self, it is viewed and made sense of if only by its interconnected likeness and potential vitality from the reflections around me. To cultivate multiple perspectives that are inward-outward looking, inspired by that which lies beyond, to explore the infinitely new and vibrant. To carefully filter others opinions and understandings, to develop my idiosyncrasies with integrity, humility and compassion.

Introspective dynamism in vibration allows us to discard all snap judgements, slowing the speed of thoughts, inwardly critique moral and ethical frameworks formed through the vestiges handed down by common-understandings and popularised and standardised subjectivities. Allowing the reactionary voices that delay possibilities for renewal to be filtered through a broader dimensional and transcendental space-time paradigm.

Ethereal Cosmic Consciousness to disrupt the rigid 3d, geocentric binaries that have become the harbinger for forming classic distinctions. New sources of inspiration, a new discussion into the dream space, a inter-elemental cohesion of ideas, materials and their elemental manifestations. Where art and science are recognised for their purpose and value, but also isolated to their understanding as simply earth-bound in their vision and scope in this universe.

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