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Never know where I land, I am a gypsy man

The feminine man drinks up life as he can, to locate the subtle balance that restores the endless possibility of his spherical span. He acquires the second element that opens the door, alchemy is now his project, for which he can … Continue reading

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What music means to me

My escape is somewhere on the other side of music, the furthest most point from black and white, blunt and rigid binaries on that spectrum that is limited by the partiality of human existence and its imperfections. I want to … Continue reading

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Deep in the any space place

SCATTERED UNTHINKINGS: Somewhere between REWIND and FASTFORWARD 5/12/2013 Calcutta, India The land of the flow. No time to think about the future as the present devours you. Just when you think you have the space for a timely thought it … Continue reading

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Ten Minutes at Ten o’clock

Transcend                                Into me.                                                                  and from within,                                                                                                            out. My social formula is measured by your ability to: Amuse, Arouse or Inspire. This is the criteria of my anthropic desire. Wisdom and a Woman at the tram stop. 10pm, … Continue reading

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Now marking a year abroad

reMelbourniscent Today, the national holiday in Australia, Marks a year abroad Here are my thoughts and feelings spewed into print, As last night I couldn’t sleep     Reminiscent, of a city far from me, yet very vivid to my … Continue reading

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Its a long and winding road.

The Morocco Diary Last August/September I spent the month hitch-hiking around Morocco. I took with me a small backpack, enough to fit two changes of clothes, a tin cup, a blanket and a scrapbook. Here are some of the excerpts … Continue reading

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A tribute to adjusting in Spain

A Spanish Afternoon So today I had a very Spanish afternoon, What’s that you ask? What made it Spanish? Sunshine? The beach? The bodega? Well it was an afternoon that I wanted to do things, you know, in Spain. Things … Continue reading

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