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Information Consumption Society

Doctor, I am suffering from information consumption anxiety. Welcome to the Information age, and there sure is loads of it. We live in a world that shits information. Endless readings from multiple perspectives in multiple languages on the most obscurest … Continue reading

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Its a long and winding road.

The Morocco Diary Last August/September I spent the month hitch-hiking around Morocco. I took with me a small backpack, enough to fit two changes of clothes, a tin cup, a blanket and a scrapbook. Here are some of the excerpts … Continue reading

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Part 1: Love and Life (for my beautiful Jasmine, whom I love)

On Love and Life and the little I know of it.. “We can live without sex, but we cannot live without love, and God is love.” From The Irresistible Revolution What is love? Love is a subject I apparently know … Continue reading

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Uma Saudade do Ritmo Carioca

Rough Guide                      to a Ride in Rio Getting around Rio de Janeiro is nothing of a simple matter. Taxis, Buses, Pedestrians, Motorbikes all whiz hastily through this cities tight, crowded thoroughfares. Add into the mix: an abundance of street … Continue reading

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A tribute to adjusting in Spain

A Spanish Afternoon So today I had a very Spanish afternoon, What’s that you ask? What made it Spanish? Sunshine? The beach? The bodega? Well it was an afternoon that I wanted to do things, you know, in Spain. Things … Continue reading

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