Next phase of living

Don’t worry be happy. The world is here, now, present, all around, with all its decorum, rigor and rhythm. Thoughts come like waves, and always, yet they also drain back out to sea. .

Horizons, goals, perspectives, insight.. the intuition will balance.

Make what you can of the now, open and receive what is right in your grasp. Your ideas, concepts, timelines, frames are for and part of creation. Observe, relax, release.

What you cannot see, feel, hear, touch is so distant from knowing. Appreciating rather than theorising, complicating, measuring, comparing, analysing… put this to RINSE

Magic, in and of the essence emanating everywhere. Could be anywhere, air scratch au contraire.

About mindinthematter

Artistic, Enjoy writing and discussion Instrumentalist: Saxophone, Clarinet. Music: Jazz, Gypsy, Folk and all the groovy soul-centred inspired music of this world Travel, Hitch-hiking, Dumpster Diving, Living in the shadows, to go out in search of light
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