And whatever..

I’ve been taking things too seriously <now get> to the point…

I have to? make! (a note of) consciously relaxing=> relaxation.

And I hate that, it should come naturally, and more often than that and I guess!

In Sum: I’m making use of this year of the goat (2015) to properly expel and resolve this serious state of being.

Explanation 4.1.3: To being, life is a serious matter, it’s a one time event, at any given point lies an opportunity for more, and somehow this serious opportunity at that, to realise what the meaning of now can and possibly will be and now seriously is that other time for serious self reflection and cross examination. But seriously? I mean seriously.. dudeeee


And then there is the not so nice things I can think far too seriously about, then there is all the serious things I should< be doing and making as the serious matter of change and its seriously surreal implications (!!!) for the series ~ of serious seminaaaahhhs

that I seriously wanted to go to (!) but now feel inadequate (?) because I didn’t go 😦 and now that meant!? I just wasn’t serious enough now was I?

But I also need to let a breeze cut through, and breath in 5 times because…. let’s face it!

FWIUWG>$I%@$+:{g:>mdg(&  If i’m not serious about chilling out then seriously, it just won’t happen.@^$TGDJCLKEPVTNY#@Y HFN: EWN 23v]508BMI

But life is happening, it just fucking happens. There are matters because there are matters (OK), the way I sought was serious because the way it was is and was the way it was.

5 Deep breaths

Nothing to be taken seriously. And no one wants everything about the present to be too serious, the present is and nothing less, seriously.


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Artistic, Enjoy writing and discussion Instrumentalist: Saxophone, Clarinet. Music: Jazz, Gypsy, Folk and all the groovy soul-centred inspired music of this world Travel, Hitch-hiking, Dumpster Diving, Living in the shadows, to go out in search of light
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