Future Thesis

to a Future thesis in techno…

but now looking into the Past:

I now know why….

…We (I and maybe depending on you how much you include yourself) should never resort to the application of numbers in measuring the value of this fragile organic diverse yet beautiful social world.  If this kaleidoscopic rainbow of our universe that lies before us is beyond our own understanding/perception or imagination and as a result all you can deal with is binaries, then perhaps one can understand the use of numbers as simply a passing product of process, rather than a label for mapping existence.

When dealing with history, we can only ever draw on examples; a musical track belonging to a set/album, always incomplete yet substantiated by dynamic lines of logical expression that are heard by their resonating synthesis. They act to compel only as a means of explaining the passion or drive behind an argument for a version of existence. Better a version than no version or worse yet, someone elses. So if the track mixes power and privilege it has influences that reside in specific powerful sound vibrations. As a vibration it is comprised firstly by a sound, its subsequent manipulation (process) that descends into a distortion (outcome). The FX are plagal and not perfect in its composition, its resonance reverberates from within its enclosure: the metaphorical sound container.

It seems that all things require resources, objects, relics, facts and figures to be made manifest, only to see this same manifestation destroy innocent simplicity. In the white chapter, the bible (read) during the age of religious empire to tame primitivism, the primacy of language (speak) to promote colonialism and religion as a form of division, and now with numbers (compute) divided us into living a binary code of subtle contradiction. The message of distract at home to project abroad for the sake of perpetuating a myth of superiority comes to rule the silence. Silence requires sound, one that comes from within. We are not American, We are not superior, in that sense we are not “free” and so by demystifying the method of measurement and dismissing its impositions on value, the time arrives to seek out the infinite mysterious sounds of our universe. All of their forms, feelings and fantasies.

The contradiction lies in the method of how you measure:  so why do Americans still have an imperial system for themselves, but impose the decimal system on everyone? is it that the empire doesn’t want to let its secret out inside for fear of back penetration? The rule is import / export, the inside become pre programmed cross correlation, where negatives become constructed and deciphered to the inside, while myths and false egos becomes disseminated to the periphery by numbers. In the end a false creation, a false abstraction albeit contained by cornered edges and divisions to allude to one bit for all, into the false reality. As such it is numbers that are the colonisers of capital. In other words, value. Your value.


About mindinthematter

Artistic, Enjoy writing and discussion Instrumentalist: Saxophone, Clarinet. Music: Jazz, Gypsy, Folk and all the groovy soul-centred inspired music of this world Travel, Hitch-hiking, Dumpster Diving, Living in the shadows, to go out in search of light
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