the same sounds of insanity

Seething through the sounds of summer, synthesized from the semantic of the sub-terrain: a similar sound of sudden insanity. Smelt spontaneously, smeared sporadically, spelled succinctly; shattered shamelessly.

Suddenly so swiftly syncing the symbols supremely, so seamlessly sampled systematically. Surreal yet simply such a surprise to savor this superior spectacle.

Some surrender to the sacred sublime, still, some scheme to the sleeping submarine, but all stare into the seething sun, saluting its surmising significance as a spiritual symphony for the single sacred soul.


About mindinthematter

Artistic, Enjoy writing and discussion Instrumentalist: Saxophone, Clarinet. Music: Jazz, Gypsy, Folk and all the groovy soul-centred inspired music of this world Travel, Hitch-hiking, Dumpster Diving, Living in the shadows, to go out in search of light
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