Cuz I just want to feel something real, something new, something true

Why Protest? and these days what is it? These are questions which constantly rack my brain each time I come into contact with social injustices subtly done in my name. The war in Iraq, the economic and social separation of the developed from the developing, the treatment of stateless peoples (refugees) in a world of white rules and divisions. One part of me reconciles the need to live the difference, to discuss it with others as so to generate further questions. We are living in an age where there is a poverty of thinking. We need to embrace the possibility for further thoughts and ideas for this world we live in, so much as we need different and contrasting ones at that. Protest however is something I never really have felt comfortable doing. I like participating if not just to get an idea of how people react to the same issues but never have I felt fully compelled to put my whole heart into it, or throw my personality behind a cause. Today people are rallying against Tony Abbott, in my view a mal-equipped leader for any organisation, a mouthpiece for the silent powerful, and a stimulant for many to push the ‘off’ button for those contemplating their place and role in society. Rallies are important but one must critically evaluate what they can do and achieve as well. As Individuals, in our purest essence we form our values alone, even if in the company of others, they are digested alone. Then we need to understand why they are our values, then see how we insert them in ourselves and into society. And yes, it’s no easy simple process – it’s a deep inquiry into what has conditioned your life. If you think you’re free, think about why and how it might be so. The if you think question? is something that is important when we all know we have a prime minister that comes across as one that doesn’t think at all. We cannot point the finger at him if we know we fail to do so ourselves.

Now instead of going to the protest, I decided to list my values here, as many as I could as an exercise of understanding why and what I think is of value, and how it may apply more broadly.

My head. I value art, I value humanity, I value difference as it is inspiring. I hate to see social injustice due to the way things ‘are’, I want to see something different and spontaneous as perhaps maybe it can give me a weapon to get a hold on the future. I’m outward in rather than inward out. There is always something to myself that will be revealed if only I am out there able to experience it. I start at the senses and venture into the abstract. I want to get to the bottom of things quickly to see what things look like from down there.

Nature. The biggest value to all of us is understanding that deep and beautiful connection with nature. How much of what we are resembles it, how much of what we do mimics it, how much of it is essential to all of us and how the flow of energy comes to condition attitude and general demeanor.

Others. I am one in 7 billion, there are many ways to be introduced to ideas, everyone has a different order. Then there are real conditions that the humanities can tell us that form the potentiality for one to be exposed to ideas and abilities. With this in mind you npot only open up the potential for the new but also know how to navigate it. The result is you may find new ways to go to deeper levels of understanding inside yourself. So why not?

Society. A beehive that we are in, from the top down we all fall into certain streams and certain realities that are cognitive, that is we come from one and logically flow to the next but not just anything, but ideas and people connected with how and what we feel. Socially constituted but individually determined. A complex web of particular parts, all balancing (sometimes precariously) to fulfill some sense of wholeness regardless of how broken, divided things seem.

Future. I am 25, I believe there is loads more to do see and feel. I am energetic with a strong will to expel my energy across various places with different people. I want a world that not only makes this possible for myself but for others. I believe understanding the energy driving our planet and the social processes that drive our thinking are just too important to let the present destroy or eat away at. I believe that transformation, not just as part of life is intrinsically beautiful. I don’t believe in present or future satisfaction, if not present and future that continually renews and reinvigorates my desire for a spontaneity world that enlightens and transforms my heart.

Love. With every breath, a thought, and a positive one. My values will not neatly ever fit into wider ideology, they are scattered here and there. This tendency to essentialise was something from last centuries conflicts, this century has new ones. Lets move on, its more likely to find gold in specks not chunks. Little by little is how things flow. The universe turns in a circle and moments happen at the roll of a dice. Change is organic, and things will come full circle. I know this government is bad, but I don’t know if i need to protest it. Rather than worship its miserable state in protest, how about we march for something positive for the role of government and propose something new for what it must function for. Let’s think about our values and transform them into a positive state of action. This is what deserves support, and what earns my respect.

Studying politics you see how it is marked by inconsistency. My idea of the political spectrum has constantly been rethought and undone, where left can be right, where right borrows from left, where issues go unrepresented completely (Asylum Seekers). So I have had to think how my view will be in constant flux. Regardless of what happens on the spectrum, my attention goes into evaluating the relationship each issue and person has between the concepts of reality and ideology, something that for many is at times so far apart. It is in this moment that I feel the goal should be to realize a world where they can live and inform each other closer together.


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