It could be Heaven or Hell de Janeiro

So Oh Rio de Janeiro! you’ve changed. And it doesn’t look like that superficial makeover is impressing anyone (although I did like the boob job on the metro signs). Hate to mention it but whatever saving on the bus price you got means little if I am more likely to get robbed on one. And its scary, these morphed out zombie faces it creates out of some of you. For the ‘other’ SOME of you I know, you guys are the lucky ones who can just bunker into your nice zona sul apartments laden with books, air conditioning (=a furnished jail for rich gangsters) with the odd escape in your cars for your women. It’ll be a hot summer on these greedy streets in many ways but you can be sure that the electricity and water won’t be interfered with, nor will your connection to facebook and whatnot. Then there are you guys on the hills around the place. Things just got tougher for you guys with the prefeitura – filhos da puta – banning your privately operated van services and enforcing licenses for street vending. What the fuck do they expect you to do for an honest days wage? Or is it, I have serious munchies so where are the bloody street vendors? Anyway, it now seems Presidenta Dilma’s new middle class dream for you guys is being swallowed by greedy locals like your elected Cabral, Paes and co. They might be keeping you in that sweaty inferno, but I’ll tell you that they are on borrowed time and this they know. They really have made things harder, but it can’t last forever guerreiros! But one more thing! What about the drugs, yes – oh where in that Lapa laden lair of lust do they lie?


But what gets me is this. You guys put on a decent party/protest this year and you got what you wanted, that is, you saved yourselves 25 cents for that unforeseeable future. Yet at the same time, post party/protest/putaria? they go and up the price just about on any and every fucking thing. This coffee shouldn’t be more than whats left after the busfare – right? Now you got me tense. I saw this city at perhaps its peak, then, the nights seemed careless, music was all over the joint, as were the joints and violence and robberies were sometimes mentioned but never experienced in front of you or around the corner. Where you could smoke a joint on the stairway of Lapa, and feel like the coolest kid in the world because in the end that’s what snoop did in his film clip. What happened? I’m sure there are some upset gringos that the government might care about to reopen the deal. But this is more about a strengthened neighbourhood we should fight for, where Lapa  must be Lapa. For the moment it has been squashed (all but temporarily) with multiple sets of drone policeman who themselves are not sure of what they are doing or how to best do it. You are going to get back up there.. if not somewhere else I am sure. You lapalites obsessed with the love of a stage to play your antics out on; urban and grungy at best.

Fourth Time in Brazil and it was time to let go of a few things, it was coming to terms with this near future. My mind has been tantalized by a new wind, there is definitely something different coming which I need to be ready for. It feels soon, and it feels good. Brazil moves me on for now but it’s a magnet to my heart that will pull me continually back. It had been the mental stimulation to show me this journey – one that had begun long ago that opened and transformed my mind and heart. For this I can only be humble and grateful. For the cariocas – I’ve tasted many passions, your highs and lows. Loving you and leaving for now. Falou


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Artistic, Enjoy writing and discussion Instrumentalist: Saxophone, Clarinet. Music: Jazz, Gypsy, Folk and all the groovy soul-centred inspired music of this world Travel, Hitch-hiking, Dumpster Diving, Living in the shadows, to go out in search of light
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