Ten Minutes at Ten o’clock


                               Into me.

                                                                 and from within,


My social formula is measured by your ability to:

Amuse, Arouse or Inspire.

This is the criteria of my anthropic desire.

Wisdom and a Woman at the tram stop. 10pm, Tuesday 4th Sept.

Last night, while seated at the tram stop with Jasmine, a woman is plunged into our world.

My sensory experience of her starts to transcend the elementary. How did I get here, lodged now if momentarily between the elements and the void. Yet that unknown comforts me, as it is perhaps the greatest truth of our world, so it is natural to be here, in this space.

Inspired if they belonged in an ethereal supralunary esoteric space.

Transfixed in the way every day words can given adjectives simply by facial expression, intonation and embellished with this spiritual essence from and of something else that my elementary capabilities fail with in their summary.

She tells me what watching politics on television is like.

So much talk, such precision, such hectic time frames. What an alienated structure of governance. Where are the real people?

And then the environment? Nature? This pending ecological crisis! The primer for the onslaught of all other crisis. No more information, just some wisdom please.

I say, humans are a part of nature. No, she says, humans are not a part, we are nature.

I say, yeah we are all connected to nature.

No, she reminds me, not connected, are.

We are nature.

Perhaps we are nature, this illusory limitation to nature is just that, illusory.

The tram comes; it has been just ten minutes, ten transcendental minutes. But I want to hear more, I want to sit and just listen, my ears and heart open. Address my wisdom deficit! I should have pleaded.

Ten minutes is my ration. But the transcendental power of a simple ten minutes resonates and filters to the elementary. Give me thoughts, puzzles for my mind to untangle, as so they can in turn untangle my mind.

Yes, quench my thirst with gifts for my mental desire.

Dedicated to Jasmine on her 26th birthday. May we forever grow with limitless horizons


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Artistic, Enjoy writing and discussion Instrumentalist: Saxophone, Clarinet. Music: Jazz, Gypsy, Folk and all the groovy soul-centred inspired music of this world Travel, Hitch-hiking, Dumpster Diving, Living in the shadows, to go out in search of light
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