Amazon dreaming





Someday in March,

Somewhere in Nature,

Somehow in Awe.




Arrival into the Amazon; the earth’s largest forest, its metaphorical lungs, its largest and greatest point of diversity. Its people; those that make a life for themselves out here, command my attention and earn my respect for what is a rough edge of natures last autonomous bastion. This is perhaps, the last uncolonised frontier of mother natures rule on earth, one of her last and largest strongholds. Here I feel totally and utterly enveloped by her, the ingredients of her soil, air and water that seamlessly make their way into my body, traversing its course in its entirety.

The insects, the humidity, the plant life, and its poison pursue relentlessly at my exterior shell. Dog eat dog, beat us or join us, it is you’re decision. It’s be or not to be forces in full swing.

Yesterday I was attacked by a golden wasp while wandering slowly, and a tad stoned, through a dense patch of rainforest. Within two seconds of noticing its presence in front of my eyes, it had bitten me in four different separate locations. The elaborate decoration of this creation mirrored the images of the evil ‘bosses’ one must beat to move on the next level of such fantasy computer games.

These bites provoked a prompt reaction from the brain, an instant increase in blood pressure, a heightening of my pulse had fastened my pace through the forest. The game was real, and I had lost this one.

Out looking for Brazil Nut pods. They fall out of some of the rainforests largest and tallest trees. These trees are great for orienteering, they are the natural landmarks of the rainforest that facilitate our passage through. Besides that, their nuts fall encased in a similar vessel to that of a coconut, in size and weight. The shell is akin to wood. With a machete, lots of action and diligence, the 15 or so nuts inside provide the much needed natural snack. I sit engulfed by the monolithic trees, the mass of greenery that tiers off at all levels, in perplexing intrinsic awe, of mother nature and her benevolent provisions.


The wind that accompanies the daily rainforest shower gently sends mangos thudding to the ground. Once the rain clears, it is time to start thinking about the next meal. The dug-up roots of the manioc root, peeled, washed, dried, grated, then desiccated provide the base, wild greenery the iron and a dried coconut, the oily filling. Acai palm trees, the purple coloured forest pearl that sits on the upper reaches of her skinny trunk. Softened, mashed and sifted to a fine viscous consistency, flavoured with macaxeira flour, it provides our energetic desert.


Depending on the individuals perspective, here there is all the time or no notion of time at all. Time in its form humans have made of it, has been returned undistorted, unravelled, re-simplified by natures dominance. Living off her nature, one learns and respects her time, her patience. Where one works, there lies a reward, her encouragement.


Relaxing in a hammock at night, listening to the guitar solos of Baden Powell followed by the serenading tones of Hermeto Pascoal. They both accompany the natural symphony of vibrant forest night-life, the wooing calls of the jungles primates, the movements and music of its insects, the cued tones of its bird-life. The day dawns to the melodies of Elis Regina, providing the perfect soundtrack to the suns first rays through a partial clouded sky that renew, enliven and brighten up the complex, colourful and diverse greenery of my forested surrounds.


No constant high,

Nor a constant low,

Just constant Bliss. Admiration. Appreciation.

A strange sense of Satisfaction.

Humbly, I be

Here in full,

Inside natures domain.



Like the busiest of cities, our busiest forest is full of surprise, opportunity, discovery, on the daily, infinitely expanding. Around every corner manifests a kaleidoscope of complexity, activity, intensity, vulnerability, and unity.



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